Sunday, 24 March 2013

Message from Freeman Legal Services

To the people of the 5 Global Isles


The aim of the contents of this website is to deliver a simple message in complex times. This aim is paramount due to the immensity of the task the parties behind it seek to undertake and the time-frame in which they have been appointed to achieve it.

The truth is true and the truth is simple. The convoluted and disastrous system of money and energy debt-theft which has been foisted upon you and enforced via the corrupt judicio-legal-policy man network,  empowered  via the degenerate and criminal crony capitalism of the parliamentarian Rat-Pack is designed to confuse you, weaken you and kill you and your vision. It does this by soaking you in a merry-go around of work –debt-sleep-work-debt –sleep!

Ph.d  in Economics and Banking Finance summed up in 3 words
Our aim is to make Keynesian, Marxist, Ricardian, Malthusian or any other economic models of economic husbandry proffered by the banking elite, whether from Harvard, Yale or Oxbridge and the BBC understandable  even  to a 5 year old child. This we do by explaining that all they tell you is:

“Lies” and then “more lies!”

And this is proven by the 5F’s


1.Know that your signature is all the money there is left in this world. The promise, your promise IS THE CASH!

2.The planetary “money supply” has been generated out of a rather large Global Trust Fund – the peoples - and this fund has your name, as a beneficiary, written upon it.

3.This fund is controlled out of the Bank for International Settlements Switzerland and the hard currency is stored in over 30 kms of underground tunnels and vaults. It operates in conjunction with the Exchange Stabilization Fund [ESF] located within the NEW YORK FEDERAL RESERVE.

4.The united states in America were bankrupted in 1933 by Roosevelt’s Gold Confiscation Act (AND SUBSUMED) following the passing of the Federal Reserve Acts Dec 23rd 1913.The UK was bankrupted officially in 1931 but secretly the coup d’etat was effected and took place through and  by the Parliament Act 1911 and 1949 - one 3 years before the Planned World War 1 and one just over 3 years following the other Planned World War 2.

5.There is a “PUBLIC SIDE” and a “private side” to all commercial transactions of which you have been tricked into believing that you are on the PUBLIC side. Uniform Commercial Code’s (UCC) sole purpose is to (a) facilitate the transfer of funds from the private side to the PUBLIC side and (b)to ensure that you remain a CITIZEN BONDED TO REPAY THE NATIONAL DEBT BORN OUT OF THE ABOVE ENGINEERED BANKRUPTCY – IN EFFECT FINANCIAL SLAVERY -

All courts of law are Administrative Corporate Maritime courts acting under war measures and Admiralty law. You are considered an ENEMY COMBATANT. This is why all your protesting, petitioning, marching and complaining and  electioneering counts for ZERO. Wherever you see the laurel leaves as in the UN logo or ISO signs in the UK corporate world, know that this IS Illuminati graffiti and stands for the Roman banner SPQR

Over the past decade or so much change has been hoped for and anticipated in the Freeman, Occupy, Anonymous and Spring movements. Much seemed promising from other various social dissatisfaction movements and actions born out of people’s anger and frustration.  In retrospect, they seemed to promise much but delivered little. It always seems to be jam tomorrow. Not much has really changed for the better and now even 2012 has come and gone –Mayan Calendar, Planet X and Armageddon are but distant dreams.

The NWO and its “goon army” marches on with its plan for Holographic Insert Technology (HIT) takeover and the total enslavement of global populations by around 2017 -2020.The banking and financial cartels want more than ever before – governments promise change but deliver nothing meaningful.

The Western democracies are run as collective-collaborative dictatorships hell bent on war, destruction, enslavement and the RFID chipping of your dog, your baby and you. Why?
 My suggestion here is that to understand this planet and its warring and inequity you would have to begin from a proposition that WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME instead of from that which we are “brainwashed into accepting” i.e. that WE ARE ALL THE SAME for evidently we are not. Why do TPTB wish us to accept this belief system? What would someone who was NOT as we (our mortal enemy) are want us to believe? Does not the wake of the ship they sail tell the full story?

If they have been at the Helm of Planet Earth for as long as they seem to be can it be but an accident that the scales of justice are tipped as they are? It’s not really difficult to see – it’s just too frightening a proposition for most people to accept. Your trust and good faith is misplaced in them.

Our ill-uminati friends are very insecure and fearful as all thieves are. Frightened that one day they’ll be found out.
    •    They want total control of global populations – control of everything
.         They want to see if they can do it.
They have more than they could possibly want but they want more and they’re in it for “the sport” and you are the game! You must pull yourself from under the continous cycle of work-debt-work-debt-death before it’s too late for us all.



 Gifted with one task:


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