Monday, 29 April 2013

The Illuminati Secret

"Keep them all in a state of constant Re action".As a result you have no participation in anything which you perceive as "reality" - you are constantly lurching from one crisis to the other without knowing from where came the last and are already in the cross hairs for the next.
For example who bothers to tell us now : "Where did the imminent nuclear war with NOrth Korea go to?

North Korea warns nuclear war on America could break out "today or tomorrow"

In response President Obama ordered a ballistic missile defence system be moved to the nearest U.S. military base to the rogue state

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You ARE the enemy ! Doubt it not.

14,000 officers allowed to carry 50,000-volt Tasers after just three days training

  • Figures show how police forces increasingly rely on the stun guns
  • One in ten officers in England and Wales are trained to carry Tasers

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Why else would a force such as this be applied against you?
You are the citizen!
You pay the state - you empower it!
You pay for the weapons it uses against you!
You pay the wages for the private security force working for the Masonic ACPO which in turn operates COBRA and co-ordinates it's policy of control and domination via private old-boy networks to install the parking cameras and the road-side traffic cameras and the internet surveillance systems!
YOU yes YOU pay for ALL of this.

Please just take a minute to think it through...What do you suppose your opinion or your vote or your petition to "your government" means to them?

Do you actually believe, looking back over say the past 50 years, that it means or counts for anything at all?

The global government agenda has you firmly fixed in its Cross-hairs! You are an enemy combatant and the police are NO LONGER police but armed militias on the street. Look at what they dress in and what they carry? We were all told after Hungerford and Dunblane (false-flag operations) that disarming the public would lead to a safer community and that gun crime would fall. Well we're not safer and arguably gun crime is just as prevalent these days as ever it was! If you want  a gun you can get a gun!

So think on - with Hague and Cameron and Milliband and his mentor Tony still beating the drum of terror and war on the door - your future is here before your eyes: a Stalinist police state with the cosy white-shoe boys from Eton and Oxbridge partying with their friends of an evening while deciding which "austerity plane" best suits you next.

Still voting for them! Still arguing about who comes in next! Still thinking that they'll do something different and actually start helping you and doing something meaningful! Get real and get a life!!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Charter of Submission from the King of England, 1213 MAY 15th

On the 15th May 2013 at 0800Hrs GMT Peter of England takes back sovereign title to England and Ireland on key time corridor 800 Solar Revolutions - being The Octave and The Law

Pope Innocent III placed the kingdom of England under an interdict for five years between 1208 and 1213 after King John (King of England, reigned from 6 April 1199 until his death) refused to accept the pope's appointee Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury. In November 1209, King John was excommunicated, and in February 1213, Innocent III threatened stronger measures unless King John submitted. The papal terms for submission were accepted in the presence of the papal legate Pandulph in May 1213; in addition, John offered to surrender the Kingdom of England to God and the Saints Peter and Paul for a feudal service of 1,000 marks annually, 700 for England and 300 for Ireland.

King John's 'Act of Vassalage' to the Pope. May 15, 1213, surrounded by Bishops, Barons, Knights and various Nobles of the Realm, King John took an oath of fealty to the Pope on his knees before Pandulph. The occasion was the surrender of the Crown to the Pope. King John then made his submission, in the House of the Knights Templar.

Charter of Submission from the King of England, 1213

John, by the grace of God king of England, lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy
"By this charter attested by our golden seal we wish it to be known to you all that...we offer and freely yield to God and to SS Peter and Paul...and to the Holy Roman Church our mother, and to our lord Pope Innocent III and his Catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom of Ireland with all their rights and appurtenences for the remission of our sins and the sins of our whole family.... And now, receiving back these kingdoms from God and the Roman Church, and holding them as a feudatory vassal...we have pledged and sworn our fealty hencefort to our lord aforesaid, Pope Innocent III...and we bind in perpetuity our successors and legitimate heirs that without question they must similarly render fealty and acknowledge homage to the Supreme Pontiff holding office at the time... lieu of all service and payment which we should render for them [the fiefs], the Roman Church is to receive thousand marks sterling...."

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

UK in dark mood as new recession may be confirmed

Blair told you there'd be no recession!
Brown told you there'd be no recession!
Mervyn King told you there would be no recession!
Cameron said so as did his chum Osborne!

I told you they were lying then and i'm telling you that they are again lying through their teeth!
TPTB are going to crash the global economy if they can to cover up their crimes!
They've nicked everything and are going to burn the house down to cover up the fact!

Good luck!
LONDON (AP) — Recession may just be a word. But in Britain it may become a habit — and a dangerous one at that.
It's possible that official figures on first quarter economic growth, to be released Thursday, could show the country is back in recession, and tension is building.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Please go and watch this most excellent presentation now!
This material has been on the table a long, long time I know but eventually the band is going to snap...the wheels will drop off the Iluuminati Clown Car and TPTB will all roll around laughing that AGAIN the sucker punched you!!

What can you do?
What should you have done? Everything!
How long have people like Tony Bray and myself been bleating on about the WOLF outside the door? For millenia...but no one ever listens. As Richard Nixon said: "Give 'em their Sunday Newspapers and keep fuel at a buck a gallon and they'll vote for you for ever!"

The Illuminati Plan rolls along... and though the wheels fall off...... YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BELIEVE IT JUST HAPPENED!! No planning, just an accident...inevitable!!