Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Please go and watch this most excellent presentation now!
This material has been on the table a long, long time I know but eventually the band is going to snap...the wheels will drop off the Iluuminati Clown Car and TPTB will all roll around laughing that AGAIN the sucker punched you!!

What can you do?
What should you have done? Everything!
How long have people like Tony Bray and myself been bleating on about the WOLF outside the door? For millenia...but no one ever listens. As Richard Nixon said: "Give 'em their Sunday Newspapers and keep fuel at a buck a gallon and they'll vote for you for ever!"

The Illuminati Plan rolls along... and though the wheels fall off...... YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BELIEVE IT JUST HAPPENED!! No planning, just an accident...inevitable!!


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