Monday, 29 April 2013

You ARE the enemy ! Doubt it not.

14,000 officers allowed to carry 50,000-volt Tasers after just three days training

  • Figures show how police forces increasingly rely on the stun guns
  • One in ten officers in England and Wales are trained to carry Tasers

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Why else would a force such as this be applied against you?
You are the citizen!
You pay the state - you empower it!
You pay for the weapons it uses against you!
You pay the wages for the private security force working for the Masonic ACPO which in turn operates COBRA and co-ordinates it's policy of control and domination via private old-boy networks to install the parking cameras and the road-side traffic cameras and the internet surveillance systems!
YOU yes YOU pay for ALL of this.

Please just take a minute to think it through...What do you suppose your opinion or your vote or your petition to "your government" means to them?

Do you actually believe, looking back over say the past 50 years, that it means or counts for anything at all?

The global government agenda has you firmly fixed in its Cross-hairs! You are an enemy combatant and the police are NO LONGER police but armed militias on the street. Look at what they dress in and what they carry? We were all told after Hungerford and Dunblane (false-flag operations) that disarming the public would lead to a safer community and that gun crime would fall. Well we're not safer and arguably gun crime is just as prevalent these days as ever it was! If you want  a gun you can get a gun!

So think on - with Hague and Cameron and Milliband and his mentor Tony still beating the drum of terror and war on the door - your future is here before your eyes: a Stalinist police state with the cosy white-shoe boys from Eton and Oxbridge partying with their friends of an evening while deciding which "austerity plane" best suits you next.

Still voting for them! Still arguing about who comes in next! Still thinking that they'll do something different and actually start helping you and doing something meaningful! Get real and get a life!!

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