Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Man Who Cried Wolf...too often

It is very dangerous to believe that that the Illuminati Plan for total global financial domination has stalled and will NOT be moving along as planned. To this end many, including myself, have been predicting the collapse of the "puff-pastry" markets for some years, but without success. Is this call any different?

Yes, is the short answer and this is for why.

1. In late February the agreement to float the US Debt Bubble comes to an end. The Federal Government will have to close again if a solution is NOT reached. The solution can only be like placing a patch on a deflating rubber boat.

2. The FED cannot keep pumping $32 billion per month into the DOW for ever. Eventually MATHS prevails and that's it.

3. Every time there is a new Chairman of the FED (Zionist Jewess Janet Yellen has just moved in aged 67 years old...couldn't they have found a non-pensioner?) the markets and interest rates buck - one way or the other.

4. This time they can only "buck" one way and that's up. This is positively terrible news for all those loans and debts out there which have been deliberately sold to you all over the past few years - virtually free money will soon NOT be and this is the plan.....to bankrupt the world and everything in it.

5. Never has Sovereign Debt globally been so high - this means trouble. In previous decades there have been reasonable opinions in positions to temper the psychopaths agenda but over the years the social programming has effectively killed of all resistance and desire to effect resistance.

6. The DOW has just fallen consistently for the past several days and just broken critical support around the 15,500 mark.

7. Surprise! Surprise!...not. A surprise fall in US Factory Orders for January. The steepest fall in over 33 years, evidently. But weren't we assured through October, November, December and early January that the US and UK e-con-o-monies were on the mend and set for significant growth? Liars! Liars! Liars! Everyone of them and journalists too. The shock figures surprised everyone on the 3rd Jan causing the DOW to sneeze.
My prediction is " Here it comes...at last!"

8.This year 2014 is in my opinion a MAKE OR BREAK YEAR for all truth movements - if the blue touch paper fails to ignite the fire-work this time then i believe that your're all on your way to "1984Ville"

9.  See the enormity of the US Debt below. On a per capita basis the UK Debt is worse than this!
The Uk has debt levels worse than Greece, Italy, Portugal or Spain. Why are you not told this? Why does the Bank of England and Georgie "the coke head" Osborne keep telling us all the economy is doing well and getting better?


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