Saturday, 10 May 2014

Gestapo Tactics of the Totalitarian Tip -Toe

Take to the streets now!!


This and this alone should be enough to have you all on the streets next week protesting as if your very lives depended upon it...for they surely do.
Have no doubt..Cameron has been told to push this through and it's already done. If you don't protest it then they deem it implied consent.

They hint at protest!
They discuss it,,,kite-flying , it's called when they release it into the press to see the social media reaction.

Nothing comes of it by way of protest...? Then push it through. You've just green-lighted it for them,

Fascist Dictatorship Britain - Global Zionist Orwellian Nightmare leaving on Platform 9! Last!! All aboard!!

If you do NOT protest to stop this then you are going to inherit a world of doom and satanic domination rained down upon you the likes of which you cannot imagine....and you know the problem?

Well you just don't seem able to imagine anymore...and that's why they've got you!

You're hooked like fish ...smoked out like bees and drunk on the materialism and unrestrained immorality which they've schooled you into accepting as "normal".

You mistrust and distrust your friends and neighbours!
You comply with pastry-dough faced 10th cousins of the Queen acting as "your leader" - a milk-sop piece of boot dirt who should never be near public office.
Do the right thing, as usual...."Do nothing!"

God help you all!

These people do not mean you well... Roman Catholic Christian Order of Chivalry which you have to be invited  initiated into. How does a "protestant" Royal family, formerly German catholics, gain admittance if they are who they claim they are?

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