Monday, 31 March 2014

The Monarchy Stripped Bare

The Monarchy Stripped Bare - The Emperor's Clothes

Notice that the Queen is NOT in ceremonial  garb and is NOT wearing any official garment of State which means she is entering as a subject and NOT a sovereign.

Also note in this photo she wears the gangland graffitti of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta - and you have to PAY to wear it. It is an archetypal manifesto of the Catholic Church - ergo, she is a Catholic having sworn allegiance to The Pope.

There is the White Pope and the Black Pope:
When she visits The White Pope she dresses in black as a "protestant monarch"[LOL] to show she has sworn allegiance to The Jesuit Black Pope - currently Adolfo Nicolas
Charles and the dullard William are also seen wearing Catholic Hood Graffitti.

And you will NOT fail to recognise it here too:

Queen's Jubilee Ceremony to the City of London

Then at 1':32" you see that the Queen does NOT just touch the sword she BOWS TO IT!!
ALSO IT IS THE ONLY PLACE IN HER SO CALLED KINGDOM WHERE SHE HAS TO HALT BEFORE PROCEEDING - what does having to stop at a border or frontier signify?
Yes, you got it - you must have the correct paper work to does she?

Andrew at 2' : 20" is clearly seen wearing the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta Cross

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