Friday, 14 March 2014


This idiot is advocating GMO crops for everyone..yeah! Let's all jump on the band-wagon and just accept what he "thinks" should we?...NOT

The giveaways are that :
1. He is in the position he is. The illuminati Zionists already have their plan formulated for genocide, eugenics and mass depopulation but they need it it to be approved by "our priests of science" and so the chief Priest of Science in his lab coat- the new Lords of our techno-babble-on produce the sound-bite that is required. It hits the front pages one objects or protests...Consent is therefore implied and Bingo! the next thing is you are eating the satantic white bread and chips.
2. He was working for Wellcome one of the most notoriously evil big pharma companies on the planet.
3. He is a member of a Round Table Group and you know what that means...don't you?
4. he's been knighted of "darked". You only get that if you are reliable to THE CAUSE and are under severe oath to follow orders blindly and with no compassion or consideration for anyone outside the "circle" of trust.

Oh and do you think the Elite of the Hunger Games are eating the same shite they wish you to consume?
Of course they aren't...can they protect and sanitize their own crops against contamination..maybe they can.

Also note in the by line in the Telegraph article "no GMO crops are being grown COMMERCIALLY in the Uk but they are being reared "privately" for "testing and trialling". What do you think the bees think of discriminating between the GMO  "fields of death pollen" and the natural variety when they pollenate after the visit? Things that should make you go hmmm!

Professor Sir Mark Walport

Professor Sir Mark Walport


Sir Mark Walport was appointed Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA) and Head of the Government Office for Science in April 2013.
As GCSA Mark is co-chair of the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology (CST).
His previous career highlights include:
  • Director of the Wellcome Trust
  • Professor of Medicine and Head of the Division of Medicine at Imperial College London
  • member of the India-UK CEO Forum and UK-India Round Table
  • member of the advisory board of Infrastructure UK
  • non-executive member of the Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research
Mark received a knighthood in the 2009 New Year Honours List for services to medical research and was elected a Fellow of The Royal Society in 2011

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