Tuesday, 5 February 2013

ACCOUNTABILITY - Point that finger !

EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans
The Government considers you an ENEMY COMBATANT
Otherwise how could it ever justify attacking its own citizenry?
Is this what our fathers and theirs fought several wars for? Yes it is! Unfortunately, they were duped into fighting to further the Zionist New World Order Agenda and this is the final part of that "roll out!"
Wake up for God's sake. If you're not ready NOW then when will you be?
Next stop for you  "Auschwitz!"

Cameron and Clegg and Hague and Blair and their "masters" as the ones supporting the status quo. The status quo is more austerity for you, more war and taxation FOR YOU, and more surveillance,control and passivity for you.
More terror and tyranny, eugenics, genocide and demoralization FOR YOU.

now you may want it. You may dismiss the comments here - however look at what the last 6 Prime Ministers have delivered to your doors over the past 50 years. Everyone delivered, war, higher taxation, more infringement on your private life and more legislation to bring in the Orwellian 1984 Agenda for global control. Their Bankster Buddies are protected and Osbourne and Cameron and other Boris Johnson "bought and paid for shills" are danicing you dizzy with mind numbing crap,lies  and time wasting agendas . Gay Marriage! Give us a break.

The judiciary, executive and legislature in the UK including ALL law enforcement departments as well as MI5/6 and military officers ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SITUATION, THIS IDEOLOGY AND THE PROPAGANDA WHICH RUNS UNDER IT LIKE A TOXIC RIVER OF SICKENING SLURRY. The Presstitutes also massively do their insidious part and are to be brought to book in due course for their sickening and criminal assistance and stance in dis-informing the people. No one can be that stupid and dismissive of the REAL AGENDA and be allowed to prosper.

There is never an excuse to use this type of force against YOUR OWN ! Or anyone else for that matter.
The NWO global agenda is being promulgated with the assistance of "The Others" and they are hoping that humanity will roll over and just submit to this carnage of souls.

As much as I can I will encourage you to wake up, get educated and combine your wisdom with intelligence and choose another way through this.

EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans


This type of technology will be overhead in a neighbourhood near you soon,

Peter of England

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