Sunday, 3 February 2013

An advice and warning to all those...

An advice and warning to all those who purport to shackle mankind and continue to hold them in usurous servitude and tyrannical David Cameron, Tony Blair, Crown controlled bellicose servitude:-


My comment:
If a right can be revoked or taken away, as many of our rights (so called are) then how can they pertain to the Inviolable Human Sovereignty which is, "under natural as well as common law" inviolate?
I will go up against each one of you individually and  severally and defeat your arguments "like sun on spring snow" in any environment you so choose! The truth is sacred and your system is built entirely on treachery, deception and Luciferian worshipping "secret society" contract!

Peter of England IHS, True Society of Jesus , Rose Croix

PS Tick tock! Tick tock!

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