Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Crown Court Case 8th February 2013

Peter of England entered the UK Corporation Private terror-try via Desk 3 at UK Border Agency control point, Manchester Airport at 8:30pm on 1st February 2013 without showing or producing a statutory photo ID. He asserted his common law prerogative to enter "his country of birth" under natural law, common law rights to travel without hindrance and under the precepts of Magna Carta 1216.

In Court 7

For now it is sufficient to state that Peter of England represented the straw-man ALAN PETER MICHAEL SMITH DOB 18/10/1957 in Court 7 Chelmsford Crown Court on the 8/2/13. The Crown asked for Peter Smith. The court was told that there was no Peter Smith.The CPS failed to produce a Peter Smith yet all the charges were for "Peter Smith". Peter Smith is a statutory non-resident alien, non-individual with inalienable rights and unlimited liabilities and a private name of Peter of England only to be used by himself. The PUBLIC APM SMITH is a PUBLIC OFFICIAL in the UK Govt. corporation and a STATUTORY UK CITIZEN as per 8 USC
Once the societally implied contract, antecedent, has been revoked then  he (APM SMITH) can only be brought in to "persona" by Peter of England . Furthermore, Peter of England was representing Peter Smith via the PUBLIC STATE REGISTERED STRAW-MAN ID of ALAN PETER MICHAEL SMITH DOB 18/10/57. The court allowed this.

It was stated though that Peter of England was doing this under duress, coercion and as a result of neccessity! Peter of England informed the Court that he was the general executor of the trust which had the rights and benefits to the "Peter Smith estate" as well as that of "APM SMITH".

The court case is described in 3 videos soon to be uploaded at Peter of England's You Tube channel at www.youtube.com/removementpolitics2012

I am currently in transit and so more soon to follow.

Peter of England


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