Tuesday, 5 February 2013

RICO arrives in the UK !

"International Common Law Court of Record  [ICLOR] 750181 to use RICO as a "facilitation legislation" for transition arrests of global world elite."

The ICLCOR has sanctioned the use of RICO legislation against global criminal elites in order to show the "flexibility ans seriousness" of its goal to bring "rogue" elements of The Crown (HRE) to justice before a people's court.

Who is RICO ?

If you are in government office, if you are a member of a law enforcement body [COBRA, ACPO, NSA, GCHQ] who "without question, reason or intelligence" perform unlawful tasks for your paymasters against the people of the country whom you should protect and you having SWORN AN OATH TO THE CROWN AND NOT THE PEOPLE, if you are a mandarin of business [by definition a criminal and further defined as a greedy capitalist  planet raping stooge] if you are a Privy Councillor, one of the 650 parliamentarians cheating us blind via your Westminster treachery, a banker, a member of the Court of Directors of the B of E, if you are a military officer, a member of the clandestine security services, a member of the executive, judiciary or parliamentry branches of government or monarchy then you will find out soon enough the REACH,the EXTENT and POWER of RICO.

RICO was meant for you ! RICO was designed by you ! RICO will be used on you !

Karma ! Ain't it a bitch ?

Peter of England

More at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racketeer_Influenced_and_Corrupt_Organizations_Act

And for those who are shoring up this illegal and unlawful governments of the UK/USA and that includes every parliamentarian who has NOT raised his voice in protest AGAINST war and every military member of the Armed Forces who continue TO SUPPORT AND ALLOW  "illegal and unlawful acts of agression against ANY SOVEREIGN FOREIGN POWER  (Libya, Afghanistan, Mali, Algeria, Syria, Iran and Iraq) then listen to this and know that as the torturers torture and the bullets leave the barrels then you MAY AS WELL HAVE TORTURED YOURSELF AND PULLED THE TRIGGER. - you will be held accountable even if we have to have 100 to each cell!  http://untreaty.un.org/cod/avl/pdf/ha/catcidtp/catcidtp_e.pdf


Noam Chomsky agrees


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  2. Does Kevin Annette have any roll to play in this?